Epilepsy can be managed with medical support & lifestyle modifications 


Removing misconceptions,public education on causes and triggers of recurrent seizures along with proper diagnosis,medical support and lifestyle modifications will help to manage Epilepsy better according to experts. 

National Epilepsy Day is observed on 17 November every year. A seizure is an abnormal electrical discharge in the brain that disrupts normal brain functioning temporarily.Epilepsy is defined as having two or more unprovoked seizures. 

We all together can treat epilepsy;while removing the stigma and misconceptions associated with Epilepsy is important , it is also important to understand the causes and triggers as well as the caregiver’s role. Seizure triggers may include stress, missed medication, sleep deprivation and excessive exertion, alchohol, infections etc. The causes and triggers are different for different individuals and may include genetic factors,brain injury, stroke, infections or other neurological conditions. – Dr Dhananjay Duberkar, Consultant Neurophysician, Sahyadri Hospitals

Understanding epilepsy by both the patient and the caregiver is very important as incidence of seizure can cause a lot of concern to the family members around the patient at that time.The jerky movements of arms and legs,confused state of the patient,dizziness can be scary for those who witness. It is important to know the do’s and don’ts and not be panic as epilepsy is manageable.Correctly identifying a seizure can help keep the person safe and prevent catastrophe. – Dr. Duberkar

A person who gets a seizure with no prior history or anybody who faces recurrent seizures should contact the doctor immediately. Accurate diagnosis and choosing an appropriate medicine for the given patient can make them seizure free. Therefore information given to the doctor by the family members who witness the seizure is extremely crucial. Diagnosis may include neurological examinations, blood tests, , Electroencephalogram (EEG), Video EEG,MRI brain epilepsy protocol etc. – Dr. Duberkar

70-80 % of epilepsy patients can be managed by single or combination of medicines. Remaining 20-30% of epilepsy of patients are called drug resistant epilepsy(seizures not getting controlled by two or more medicines)needs pre-surgical work up.
Basic idea is to find out epileptogenic zone (center of origin of epilepsy).Now in this advance era of technology, epilepsy surgery is affordable and effective without affecting other vital functions of the brain. 

Lifestyle modifications including having proper sleep, diet , exercise, keeping blood pressure, blood sugar in check , taking medicines on time can ensure a better quality of life for those who have experienced recurrent seizures.

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