Neurologist Dr. Vishal Sawale Patil cured stroke patient without any disability


NASHIK: We see many stroke patients suffering from permanent disability, but we do not usually see the picture that the patient did not become disabled even after experiencing paralysis/stroke. An incident in this regard took place recently at the Income Tax Department office in Nashik. 39-year-old Mr. Manoj Lokhande was at work, he suddenly felt a loss of strength in his left leg, one side of his face became crooked and the entire left side of his body became paralyzed. Upon seeing these symptoms, his officers immediately recognized the symptoms and, without botheration of the lockdown and Covid-19, called an ambulance and admitted him to Wockhardt Hospital, Nashik. Arriving at the hospital in just half an hour without wasting any time, Paralysis/Brain Stroke was diagnosed early and he was given a TPA injection just fifteen minutes later. Within the next fifteen minutes, his condition began to stabilize, strength in his arm was restored, his face was restored, and he was able to walk on his own within just two days, avoiding the risk of disability.

When the blood supply to the brain is interrupted or reduced for some reason, the brain does not get the required nutrients and oxygen, brain cells die and paralysis/stroke occurs. At such times, millions of cells die every second, leaving the patient permanently disabled. There is a lot of misconception in society about paralysis and people do not know much about recognition of early symptoms or treatment.

Neurologist Dr. Vishal Sawale Patil ( Wockhardt Hospital Nashik)

Further, he added The number of paralyzed patients is increasing day by day due to sedentary and stressful lifestyles. This ailment used to be seen in the elderly and is now spreading among the younger generation rapidly. Symptoms of paralysis are recognized with physical abnormalities, the strength of the patient’s limbs suddenly decreases, face shifts to one side, he cannot speak properly and the body loses balance. If any of these symptoms appear, stroke can be recognized. In this situation, the patient should be taken to the hospital within four and a half hours of the onset of these symptoms. In medical parlance, this is called the Golden Hour. During this time, if the patient is properly diagnosed and treated, we can save him from permanent disability; the doctor said.

Wockhardt Hospital has a “CODE WHITE” protocol for the management of stroke. It is a procedure in which a stroke patient is admitted to the hospital and treatment is started by diagnosing it within 30 minutes without wasting any time. The patient is given a special injection called “TPA” which increases the chances of recovery and decreases disability.


Dr. Vishal Sawale Patil

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