Tips for Healthy Digestive system by Dr.Chetan Mahajan


Gastroenterology disorder are now prevalent in our society. Sometimes they may not be as devastating as cancer or cardiac problem, but can be very irritating, debilitating and shatter your confidence and interest in life.

But most of these conditions are originating due to the changing behavior pattern in our society. We can also call their diseases as lifestyle diseases.

We invite these conditions due to our lifestyle or our behavior.These conditions have been so dominating, that a new medical phase has been coined to address these issues- Behavioral Medicine.

I am trying to explain this new concept in the most simplistic manner.  

Common factors which can start troubling your digestive system.

1.Dietary behavior.

We all know the certain foods can cause allergies like turnip, milk, banana etc. certain ingredients like tea, coffee, pepper, chicken etc can be irritate by nature.

Diseases like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and GERD (Gastro esophageal reflux diseases) are very closely associated with eating and food behavior. Consumption of some foods or fast intake of food is also related to disorders.

2. Exercise Behavior

     Sedentary lifestyle is a precursor to


         – Non-Alcoholic liver disease.


         -Cholesterol and diabetic conditions.

         -Even some Cancers.

3. Sleep Behavior

    Sleep disturbances are closely associated with IBS, GERD.

    Poor sleep quality is a contributing factor in anxiety, HTN, poor concentration conditions.

4. Work behavior.

    Excess work and working in shift carriers increased risk of GI disorders.

Like we see in many people working in IT sectors in shifts or call centers, also noted in healthcare workers.

Smoking and ethanol abuse is associated with patients complaining of acidity, bloating and abdominal pain.

Long term consumption of alcohol is associated with liver and pancreatic diseases.In addition many psychological conditions are known to affect the digestive system.Anxiety, depression and stress are associated with functional dyspepsia, acidity, IBS and constipation.

The reason for mentioning all these factors is that we need to rectify one or all of the above the factors when treating patients in our society.

What people do not understand Is that it’s not always the responsibility of a doctor/tablet/capsule to make him/her well. 

Everyone must do.

  • Reduce bakery items,Soft drinks,Junk foods
  • AVOID- Smoking.
  • Chewing tobacco
  • Drug abuse/ substance abuse
  • Replace unhealthy foods with natural home cooked food
  • Include brisk walking 30 min in your schedule, walking has surreal known and unknown good effects in human body and mind
  • Having more frequent meals in a day with less food quantity is crucial in patients suffering from acidity.
  • Reducing alcohol and fatty foods and controlling diabetes can reversal of early liver diseases.

Considering a psychiatric opinion should not be considered a taboo in our society.

There is our homework as I call it.

I will summarise the principles of treatment in handling GI disorders in our society.

Firstly, do not self-medicate.

As we know there is a lot of information on the interest but its is the internet of patient to keep a qualified doctor in the loop when we make sudden dietary /medical /lifestyle changes.

Please do not prolong are avoid investigations if they have been recommended to you.Body weight reduction methods like intermittent fasting, which has became popular should be considered carefully especially in patients with co morbidities

Change in diet is effective way of controlling GI diseases.

AVOID – spicy, hot food,Too much oily/deep fried foods,Canned, packed, processed foods

Dr. Chetan Mahajan 

M.B.B. S: SETH G.S. MEDICALCOLLEGE & K.E.M Hospital, Mumbai

M.S: Bombay Hospital, Mumbai

D.N.B: Diplomat of National Board, New Delhi

About the Doctor.

Dr. Chetan Mahajan Is One of The Leading Specialists In Areas Of Surgical Gastreontrology, Liver Diseases And Transplantation, Pancreas And Bile Duct Treatments. 

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