IPPL from 26 Sept


Indian Plumbing Professional league [IPPL] organised by Indian Plumbing Association which is a knowledge sharing and skill enhancing competition about Plumbing to be held between 26 September to 22 Nov at Nashik . This is the fourth consecutive year of this competition.  This year it will be conducted through online platform.

IPPL –  learning with competition & fun

Plumbing is one of the key areas in construction. Because of technological advancement, introduction of new plumbing techniques and product line and change in consumer taste  the Plumbing industry is also needs to be upgraded.

This IPPL imparts knowledge of the best, innovative and latest plumbing practices in a professional way by the eminent experts  in a Quiz format.  Due to digital platform this year the participants will have an opportunity to learn about plumbing from nationwide experts.  The soul of IPPL is learning with competition & fun .   

Milind Shete, Chairman, Indian Plumbing Association ( Nashik Chapter )


1) Water Supply and Distribution, Pumping and Hydro- Pneumatic Systems

2) Fixtures/Fittings/Valves and Appurtenaces, Hot water systems

3) WTP and STP, Water efficient plumbing products India code

4) Storm water Drainage Rainwater Harvesting Terminologies

5) Codes and standards Sanitary Drainage System, Indirect waste

6) Challenges in Execution


Through rigorous learning sessions, participants have imparted knowledge of Plumbing Codes and Standards over a period of 6 weekends and later they participate in assessments and quiz at various levels to make it to the National Grand Finale. Reward will be given for successful teams.

The Participants

The Participants are Architects & Interior Designers, Real Estate Developers, MEP Consultants, Plumbing Engineers, Plumbing Contractors, Project Managers, Engineering and Architecture students, Manufacturers.

Key Features of IPPL

  1. Opportunity for Professional Advancement pan India networking and bonding.
  2. A complimentary copy of the latest codes likes – UIPC-I, GPCS-I, and WEP-I, A Guide to Good Plumbing Practices to participants.
  3. Certificates to all the participants.
  4. Each Team consists of 2 participants, one must be an engineer or architect or diploma in engineering. The other can be a site supervisor from the same organization, with experience in civil construction.
  5. Awareness about the best Plumbing Practices, Latest Trends, Techniques, and Products.
  6. Substantial improvement in planning, execution, and quality of Plumbing Projects.
  7. Technical information from the Leading Plumbing Product Manufacturers.
  8. Life membership of Indian Plumbing Association (IPA) to all participants.
  9. Enhancing Quality of Professional life through adoption of tested & proven Plumbing Systems.
  10. Professional capacity building of teams, responsible for execution of projects.

For Further Info- https://www.indianplumbing.org

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