Healthy Heart Campaign by Madhavbaug Kicks off


Madhavbaug a leading chain of Ayurvedic treatment clinics will be launching a very ambitious ‘Heart Disease Free Karnataka’ project in association with  Vaidya Sane Trust and Rotary Club of Belgaum. Under this campaign, Madhavbaug aimed to cure at least 1000 patients of heart disease in the year 2021.

15 Years with 240 Clinics

Madhavbaug has been successfully treating lifestyle-related diseases like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and mental stress through Ayurveda for more than the last 15 years through 240 clinics and two hospitals across the country. The Project  It will be inaugurated on January 12 at 4 pm at the Arogyam Hriday Sampada program at Pai Resort.

“Madhavbaug started giving treatment in Karnataka 2 years ago. At present, there are 12 clinics of Madhavbagh in Karnataka. As per our experience of these two years, it has been noticed that the incidence of diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, etc. is very high in Karnataka. According to a 2016 survey, 48% of people in Karnataka alone suffer from hypertension. 1 lakh bypass surgeries and 2 lakh angioplasties are performed in this state every year. One in five suffers from diabetes and hypertension. Roughly 40% of Karnataka today is affected by these and related diseases. – Dr. Prasad Deshpande ( Senior Divisional Manager of Madhavbaug Karnataka )

Healthy Heart campaign

Unfortunately, despite all these conditions, there is not enough awareness about these diseases. In fact, the disease can be completely cured. We’ve done that over and over again. According to the World Health Organization, India will be the global heart disease capital by 2025, which is why we have launched the ‘Healthy Heart campaign. The campaign is being launched from Belgaum in Karnataka and based on our experience, we have decided to make the whole of Karnataka heart-free, ”he said. Under this campaign, a triple program of public awareness, diagnosis, and treatment will be implemented. People will also get a chance to hear their inspirational thoughts. ‘
According to Dr. Deshpande, Madhavbaug’s ‘MIb Pulse ‘, a very useful app, will be opened to the public under the mission ‘Healthy Heart.

At this time, CSR Head, Vaidya Sane Trust Dr. Milind Sardar, Deputy Governor of Rotary Dr. Manoj Sutar, and Rotary Club Darpan’s Sheetal Prakash were present.

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