Chemo Recovery Kits unveiled


Two Chemo Recovery Kits developed by Pune based Bharatiya Sanskriti Darshan Trust’s Integrated Cancer Treatment and Research Center (BSDT’s ICTRC), Wagholi, Pune were  unveiled at the hands of Hon. Governor Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari  at Rajbhavan on Sunday.

Devendra Triguna ,  Dr Ashok Kukde, were digitally  present as  ‘Guests of Honour’ .A video message from Veteran Industrialist Ratan Tata was also telecasted on the occasion.

Based on the clinical and research work done by the organization in last 25 years and research grants of Tata Trusts since 2015, BSDT’s ICTRC has filed patents of seven Ayurvedic formulations invented for the treatment of cancer. 4 among them are also filed for International patents.ICTRC today unveiled  Ayurvedic formulations – ‘Chemo Recovery Kits’ of 2 patents filed and used for alleviating adverse effects of chemotherapy.

The kits are beneficial as adjunct treatment to conventional cancer treatment. One Chemo Recovery Kit contains herbomineral-metallic Ayurvedic formulations. The main ingredient of this kit is the precious Ayurvedic medicine – Suvarna Bhasma, which is known for its rejuvenating and detoxifying action in Ayurvedic texts. The second Chemo Recovery Kit contains herbo-mineral Ayurvedic formulations.

Dr Sadanand Sardeshmukh, Director ICTRC Pune

Marketing of these Ayurvedic formulations will be done through a reputed Ayurvedic pharmacy, Atharva Nature Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Wagholi, Pune. Atharva Nature Healthcare Pvt Ltd (ANHPL) is a FDA approved, GMP certified manufacturing company working in the field of Ayurved.

Ayurvedic formulations in the kit are standardized on modern yardsticks in reputed laboratories. The kits are clinically tested and noted to be effective in minimizing side-effects of chemotherapy and improving Quality of life of cancer patients.

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