#ThankYouTeacher campaign to mark Teachers Day


To mark the Teachers’ Day, Ampersand Group launched a Pan-India campaign as a mark of gratitude to teachers for their contribution to ensuring continuity of education during the COVID-19. And their role in strengthening ECCE, as envisaged under the new National Education Policy (NEP).

#ThankYouTeacher campaign in Nashik

Launched across 25 Anganwadis under the Ministry of Women & Child Development (MWCD) in Nashik with a total outreach of over 600students.

All about #ThankYouTeacher Campaign

The campaign entailed students and teachers sharing photos and videos as a mark of their gratitude. In addition, a ‘Plant a Tree’ initiative was also held, under which students planted a tree with the name of their teacher on it. Self-shot videos and photographs of drawings, craft, songs, poems, and other artistic creations dedicated to their teachers were also shared by students.

Ampersand Group

Has over the past few months successfully conducted teacher training projects through online mechanisms in Jammu & Kashmir and Tamil Nadu with the respective state governments, and Central Tibetan School Administration in Uttarakhand and West Bengal.

In Maharashtra, Ampersand Group has initiated the digitisation of classrooms, provided training and curriculum to the MCGM Balwadi teachers and MWCD Anganwadi workers in Nashik. In Punjab, it has undertaken management and operations of Adarsh School under the public-private partnership model.

“Teachers at our Anganwadis were a crucial link for providing healthcare services to our students. They also helped to ensure these children continued to learn and develop cognitively despite the disruptions. Teachers have also been deployed on COVID-19 duty and they are working in sync with the Nashik Municipal Corporation. They have been visiting the containment zones for conducting door-to-door surveys. Anganwadi teachers have also played a key role in creating awareness around preventive measures, health and hygiene practices such as hand washing, wearing masks and social distancing, etc. All campaigns by Ampersand Group are rightly conceived to thank teachers for their exemplary efforts.”

Chandrashekar Pagare, Child Development Project Officer, Nashik

“The Ampersand group recognizes all teachers who have moved away from their comfort zone and rose up to the occasion to ensure educational continuity during the COVID 19 pandemic that shut off access for children to schools. While  Ampersand brought out innovative solutions to empower teachers to acquire the new skill-sets for delivering education through alternate technology-powered medium”

Vinesh Menon, CEO – Education, Skilling & Consultancy Services, Ampersand Group

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