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Engineering graduates are mainly facing the problem of non-employability. According to National Employability Report, over 80% engineers continue facing the problem. It gives the direction that individuals need to work with industry or at least cop up themselves with the need of the Industry. The nationwide analysis based on a sample of 150,000 engineers showed there was a huge gap in skills of engineers, as needed, to work in the large industry.

Industry oriented approach and technologies are expecting some extravagant skill set from engineering graduates. Considering the academic approach of them, the content material is not sufficient to meet the desired needs. Industry is spending their resources on training the fresh graduates as they want to impart the knowledge they required. It directly means that they are looking for those individuals who possess the required skill set.

Academic approach doesn’t complete the desired requirement in full sense, So, it becomes mandatory to fill the gap between Institute and Industry needs. Considering the statistics of state-wise jobs availability Maharashtra has the highest demand for jobs (19.72%), followed by Delhi NCR (16.99%), Karnataka (16.03%) and Tamil Nadu (9.80%). 

Market scenario analysis gives us the better idea about Top Domains and vacancies. Software developers (9.74%) and Sales professionals (8.17%) are the most sought after professionals in India. Other hot roles are in User Interface Design and IoT, but shortage of skill in technology ecosystem causes to acquire basic technology skills like advanced Excel, Big Data, Open Source, Data Warehousing, Programming languages, Optimization techniques, Digital Marketing. Lots of job opportunities in domains like Big Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, IoT, Embedded System Design and many more.

Considering the experience of most of the recruiters, industries are looking for such personnel with leading roles in cloud computing, IT services and quality management. Industry offers almost double the roles overall available and it shows the soaring demands for jobs in such sectors. Industry has also changed their approach towards hiring individuals as they are looking for skilled one equipped with current trends. It gives skilled talent to showcase and grab the new heaven of opportunities. Technology is changing at much faster pace than it used to be in recent past. A great dissatisfaction is observed on both fronts – Industry and Fresher. Industry is not getting skilled resources and Fresher are not getting decent job as per their qualifications. This is due to fact that there is acute shortage of human resources who have both- knowledge and skill (capability perform independently what they have gained as knowledge) on the given subject. 

Cloud computing, Block Chain, IoT, Artificial Intelligence focusing on Machine Learning, Deep Learning are most demanding skill set and demand is increasing at rapid pace forming initial arc of bell curve at very stiff angel.

ESDS has patented technology in cloud computing and no such technology is available with any of the cloud company in the world. There is recurring demand of skilled manpower. ESDS is facing the same challenge which industry at large is facing. Nashik being relatively smaller centre fresher locally may face larger challenge for right job than the metro centres.

Hence ESDS has partnered with Sandip University to promote education that builds technical skills and make students ready for job as soon as they graduate. Considering this need Sandip University acts as a bridge which will fill the Industry – Academia Gap. Sandip University has strived to change the face of the Indian education system to make it more industry-oriented and student-friendly. 

“The main objective of this industry collaboration is to latest technology of computer science education as per industry expectations to make it more futuristic and outcome focussed. I am confident that our prospective students will find great value in this tie-up with ESDS Software Solution Ltd, Nashik, which is an authority in digital transformation and cloud computing.” – Dr. Sandip N. Jha, Chairman, Sandip University

“As per recent JLL report, the Indian data center industry market is expected to grow double by 2023. The salary of an entry level cloud professional in India varies between Rs.3 lakh to Rs.7 lakh PA., which is greater than a traditional IT engineer. India Inc is facing a scarcity of cyber security professional at the leadership level and has increased salaries for such roles by 20-35% since 2018. ESDS software solution Ltd, Nashik & Sandip University Nashik joins hands to start B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering with specialization in Cloud Computing & Information Security. It’s a great opportunity to aspiring candidates who wish to learn new skill in this dual specialization to advance their career and gain access to latest cloud technologies and trends in Information security. Such partnerships help bridge the widening disconnect between what students are learning and what they are supposed to know when they join an organization.”- Mr. Piyush Somani, (Founder, CMD & CEO, ESDS Software Solution Ltd, Nashik)

Both programs will have a module on ‘Design Thinking’ as well to help students develop necessary skills required for problem solving, constructive and analytical thinking, development of knowledge through creative learning experiences. Today, these skills are much sought after by corporates in candidates they are looking to hire.

Outcome of such courses is also quite important as it should absorb the individual and should be aware about the job availability. Students can gain career opportunities in government organizations, national organizations and private firms. The climbing demands for jobs in big data and analytics, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, machine learning, software and mobile development is pushing companies to offer such roles to passing individuals with skill.

“Engineering has become the de-facto graduate degree for a large chunk of students today. However, along with improving the education standards, it is quite essential that we evolve our undergraduate programs to make them more jobs centric. With powerful Government initiatives like Make in India and Skill India gaining momentum, we hope Institute – Industry alliance should fill Industry – Academia Gap and help in steering the youth towards job readiness in accordance with Sandip University”. – Prof. (Dr.) Rajendra Sinha Vice Chancellor, Sandip University.

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